Scouts (Friday) camp 5/10/218

Friday night scouts will be camping next Friday 5th on Annagh hill. We will be meeting at the hall at 7 pm where we will be doing a gear check. We will be finishing up on Saturday morning

The list of gear can be found HERE

There is no charge for the hike but the first instalment of the registration fee must have bee paid. You will also have had to fill out the Membership application forms AND Consent form (2 pages)



Information Evening

To everyone on the waiting list or thinking of becoming a leader.

Currently, Gorey scout group has 90 members and  145 people on the waiting list. Of those 97 are beaver and cub age. There will be only about 8 members able to join this September.

This is the Waiting list as of July 2018 (the numbers presume the child did not get into the previous section)

Year Beavers 6-8 Cubs 9-11 Scouts 12-15
2018 13 22 9
2019 12 19 12
2020 13 18 20
2021 5
2022 2

As you can see there are enough cubs age 9 alone to create a new cub section. We will not be contacting parents to say if their child is in until the end of August as the number of spaces will not be confirmed until then.

When the group reopened in 2004 there was a meeting of all the parents and it was decided instead of opening just a cub and scout section as planned we could open 2 beaver, 2 cub and a scout section (a second scout section opened the following year) This was because so many parents became leaders because they wanted to get there child in and they had an interest in working with kids. Most of those parents were still leaders years long after there child left.

On Friday 24th from 7:30-9 in the scout hall, esmonde street we will have an information evening for parents and anyone else interested in helping the group. It is on early so anyone interested can have their references and garda vetting checked before September

Nearly all leaders start with little or no knowledge of what scouts is all about think they have no skills.  Training is compulsory as is Garda vetting before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

The time comprised of weekly meetings (1-2 hours ) + Program meetings about once a month to plan what we are going to do + Outdoor / Overnight activities depending on the section. Some people take on extra roles such as accounts, equipment maintenance, fundraising etc.

What does the training comprise of:
Introduction meeting with the group leader
Introduction to scouts evening session (about 3 hours) held about once a month.
Weekend training course covering scout program and method, child protection and much more. After this course, you can become a leader
This is the start of the training usually followed a year later with coursed around bring members on overnight activities and more specific training skills.

Do I have to join the same or different section to my child?

Your child would probably be happier if you were not in their section (more so in the older sections) but personal logistics can dictate otherwise. If you can do a different night you might prefer working with a different age group.

Who can I use as references?

Use chairperson of another group you are or were involved in, employer, a local priest, guard etc as long as they know you enough to be asked how you are with children, working with other leaders and trustability etc. you cannot use family or a neighbour. (if you have been involved in scouts you can only use one scout leader as a reference)

I work irregular hours of week on week off etc.

As long as we know in advance this is not a problem but please discuss it with the group leader during induction.

I found the application forms online can I submit them.

Please Don’t. HQ will just send them back as the group leader must have signed them and checked your references before they are processed

What if I can make it on the information night or know I want to be a leader?

That’s ok just give us a call and I can meet you at some other time. The earlier people sign up the sooner we can book courses and get the Garda vetting done.

If there are not enough leaders to open a new section what happens?

Once the new leaders complete training they can join an existing section

If you are interested but cannot make it please email me.

Hope to see you there.

Denis Sheridan

Hostel and Hike Kit list

Glenmalure Hostel Kit and Hike kit list

Hostel kit

As we are hosteling you do not need sleeping bags or eating utensils. Bring a bag with a change of clothes and clothes to sleep in.

Hike Kit

  • Raingear – vital.. (jacket and waterproof trousers) if your rain gear is showerproof bring a spare
  • Hiking boots -Vital
  • Bivvy bag, Foil blanket and whistle
  • Torch + spare batteries
  • Water bottle
  • Spare clothes and jacket
  • Suntan lotion
  • Personal medication and small first aid kit
  • Emergency food – High calories and energy
  • Allow room in the rucksack for food and communal equipment

Ballymoney Camp 1 2018 – Friday night Scouts

Update 17 May

Ballymoney camp 1 2018 – Friday night Scouts

Meeting at the scout hall @3pm back at 11 am Sunday

We will need parents to bring scouts and equipment to and from the campsite

cost 0 Euro

For anyone who has been in scouts more than a month, the first instalment of the registration fees must have been paid before the camp.

Location : (Note we are meeting at the hall. this is just so you know where the campsite is)

Ballymoney Camp Site 

Google map for gate

This campsite is located on the Courtown side of prospect park. When we are camping, there will be a sign on the gate. Drive down the lane and we are in the field on the left. Do not pass the skips or go near the house. Everywhere else is private property. Do not enter if the gate is locked and don’t use any other entrance to prospect park. There is a gravel carpark in the field. We are always grateful to Bronagh and her family for there assistance over the years and don’t want to cause them any issues when we are there.


Equipment required:

All gear should fit into a single rucksack with everything inside except for your foam mat. Ensure that all gear is protected against getting wet! Plastic bags or dry bags are good. 


  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Hiking boots if you have them
  • Warm clothes
  • Change of clothes
  • Fleece jumper/sweatshirt
  • Clothes to sleep in (No Pyjamas)
  • Waterproof rain jacket and waterproof trousers
  • Hat, Gloves
  • Tea towel
  • Head Torch
  • Eating utensils (mug, plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon)
  • Personal Medication if required

Leaders Going

Remi, Pauline (Thursday Night Scout Leader)(Denis Will be attending but not all the )


New Scout Section Opening

Gorey scout group is happy to announce that we now have enough leaders to open a new scout section.The new section will meet on Friday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 and will cater for members aged 12-15. We will be ringing those on the waiting list this week but expect to have spaces for more members.

If you are interested ring Danielle @ 0838329760. or Click HERE to add your name

Christmas Party

Venture Scout Camp

Venture Scouts will Be camping on croghan this Friday. Meeting At the hall at &. Be prepared for anything in any weather.

Christmas Party

A Christmas party in aid of Gorey Scout Group will be held on Friday, December 15th, in the Ashdown Park Hotel, Gorey. The event includes a drinks reception at 7pm, a four course meal at 8pm followed by live music with Deuces Wild  and a DJ till late. Spot prizes. Ticket €50. To book contact Niamh on 087 935 2920, Mark on 085 173 6483, Anne on 087 779 6645, or Danielle on 083 832 9760.

Venture Scouts recruting

The venture section is now recruiting new members. Are you aged between 15 and 18 and interested in learning new skills and meeting new people.


Scouts – Easter Camp 2016

Easter camp will be a hike and camp from Glenmalure to Lough Dan Scout Centre.  Staying at the wood cabin in Glendasan on Friday night and the Bivvy hut in Lough Dan on Saturday night.

Friday, 19:00 – Meet at Scout Hall, collect group gear.. (Trangias, Meths, Tarps, Stretcher to carry Mark).
Friday, 19:15 – Drive to Glenmalure Start point.  Walk along the Wicklow way to Glendalough…. Approx 6km.  You will be carrying all your gear the entire time. (I don’t plan on driving up, so a lift would be lovely 😉

Saturday – Hike to Lough Dan, route will be weather dependant. Approx 8-12km.  We shall go swimming along the way if we feel crazy enough.

Sunday – Have the craic in Lough Dan.  Head home at about 4pm.


Gear List… You should probably know what to bring by now..

Hiking Gear – (Boots, Full Rain gear, Hat, Gloves, etc.)

Spare pair of footwear (runners would be good for frisbee playing)

Warm Clothes – Layers work the best.. (Cotton Hoodies aren’t great!)

Sleeping Bag and Mat

Eating Utensils – What ever you think you’ll need based on the food you bring.

Torch – very important, we will be walking in the dark.

Swimming Gear


Food – You will need to bring snack for Friday, 2 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch and 1 x Dinner.  Pot noodles (or that style of food) is not sufficient ( try supplementing it with Sausages, hotdogs, vegetables :0 ).

Be mindful of what you bring as we will be carrying all rubbish with us.

Anything I’ve left out.. you probably don’t need..

Please pack your own gear!!

Cost will be €10 for camp fees, etc.

Any questions contact Mark.

I repeat, NO Energy Drinks!