Scouts – Easter Camp 2016

Easter camp will be a hike and camp from Glenmalure to Lough Dan Scout Centre.  Staying at the wood cabin in Glendasan on Friday night and the Bivvy hut in Lough Dan on Saturday night.

Friday, 19:00 – Meet at Scout Hall, collect group gear.. (Trangias, Meths, Tarps, Stretcher to carry Mark).
Friday, 19:15 – Drive to Glenmalure Start point.  Walk along the Wicklow way to Glendalough…. Approx 6km.  You will be carrying all your gear the entire time. (I don’t plan on driving up, so a lift would be lovely 😉

Saturday – Hike to Lough Dan, route will be weather dependant. Approx 8-12km.  We shall go swimming along the way if we feel crazy enough.

Sunday – Have the craic in Lough Dan.  Head home at about 4pm.


Gear List… You should probably know what to bring by now..

Hiking Gear – (Boots, Full Rain gear, Hat, Gloves, etc.)

Spare pair of footwear (runners would be good for frisbee playing)

Warm Clothes – Layers work the best.. (Cotton Hoodies aren’t great!)

Sleeping Bag and Mat

Eating Utensils – What ever you think you’ll need based on the food you bring.

Torch – very important, we will be walking in the dark.

Swimming Gear


Food – You will need to bring snack for Friday, 2 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch and 1 x Dinner.  Pot noodles (or that style of food) is not sufficient ( try supplementing it with Sausages, hotdogs, vegetables :0 ).

Be mindful of what you bring as we will be carrying all rubbish with us.

Anything I’ve left out.. you probably don’t need..

Please pack your own gear!!

Cost will be €10 for camp fees, etc.

Any questions contact Mark.

I repeat, NO Energy Drinks!