Information Evening

To everyone on the waiting list or thinking of becoming a leader.

Currently, Gorey scout group has 90 members and  145 people on the waiting list. Of those 97 are beaver and cub age. There will be only about 8 members able to join this September.

This is the Waiting list as of July 2018 (the numbers presume the child did not get into the previous section)

Year Beavers 6-8 Cubs 9-11 Scouts 12-15
2018 13 22 9
2019 12 19 12
2020 13 18 20
2021 5
2022 2

As you can see there are enough cubs age 9 alone to create a new cub section. We will not be contacting parents to say if their child is in until the end of August as the number of spaces will not be confirmed until then.

When the group reopened in 2004 there was a meeting of all the parents and it was decided instead of opening just a cub and scout section as planned we could open 2 beaver, 2 cub and a scout section (a second scout section opened the following year) This was because so many parents became leaders because they wanted to get there child in and they had an interest in working with kids. Most of those parents were still leaders years long after there child left.

On Friday 24th from 7:30-9 in the scout hall, esmonde street we will have an information evening for parents and anyone else interested in helping the group. It is on early so anyone interested can have their references and garda vetting checked before September

Nearly all leaders start with little or no knowledge of what scouts is all about think they have no skills.  Training is compulsory as is Garda vetting before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

The time comprised of weekly meetings (1-2 hours ) + Program meetings about once a month to plan what we are going to do + Outdoor / Overnight activities depending on the section. Some people take on extra roles such as accounts, equipment maintenance, fundraising etc.

What does the training comprise of:
Introduction meeting with the group leader
Introduction to scouts evening session (about 3 hours) held about once a month.
Weekend training course covering scout program and method, child protection and much more. After this course, you can become a leader
This is the start of the training usually followed a year later with coursed around bring members on overnight activities and more specific training skills.

Do I have to join the same or different section to my child?

Your child would probably be happier if you were not in their section (more so in the older sections) but personal logistics can dictate otherwise. If you can do a different night you might prefer working with a different age group.

Who can I use as references?

Use chairperson of another group you are or were involved in, employer, a local priest, guard etc as long as they know you enough to be asked how you are with children, working with other leaders and trustability etc. you cannot use family or a neighbour. (if you have been involved in scouts you can only use one scout leader as a reference)

I work irregular hours of week on week off etc.

As long as we know in advance this is not a problem but please discuss it with the group leader during induction.

I found the application forms online can I submit them.

Please Don’t. HQ will just send them back as the group leader must have signed them and checked your references before they are processed

What if I can make it on the information night or know I want to be a leader?

That’s ok just give us a call and I can meet you at some other time. The earlier people sign up the sooner we can book courses and get the Garda vetting done.

If there are not enough leaders to open a new section what happens?

Once the new leaders complete training they can join an existing section

If you are interested but cannot make it please email me.

Hope to see you there.

Denis Sheridan