Waiting List

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The most frequent question we get on this website is how do I join or how do I get my son/Daughter in.


The waiting list is done in the following order

  1. Members progressing from one section to the next
  2. Children of Active Adult leaders
  3. Transfers from another scout group
  4. People on the waiting list that are the correct age. For example, a child should be 6 , 9, 12 going into beavers, cubs and scouts respectively
  5. People on the waiting list that are close to the correct age. For example, a child should be 7 , 10, 12+ going into beavers, cubs and scouts respectively

If there is a significant gender imbalance in the section we will take either boys or girls from the waiting list until it is corrected.

The number of members taken into each section depends on many factors mainly:

  • The number of leaders active in the section.
  • The number of members that will be moving up to the next section.
  • The hall size.

Here is a list of what year your child might get it at if there is availability at the time.

Age    Section              Waiting List

1    Beaver       2022
2    Beaver       2021
3    Beaver       2020
4    Beaver       2019
5    Beaver       2018  
5    Cub          2021
6    Beaver       2017 - this section is already full 
6    Cub          2020 
7    Cub          2019            
8    Cub          2018
9    Cub          2017 - this section is already full 
10   Scout        2019
11   Scout        2019
12   Scout        2017
13   Scout        2017
14   Scout        2017

Beavers take in about 10 members

Fewer members are taken off the waiting list into cubs and scouts as there are beavers and cubs moving up.

We have opened a second scout section we will have much more available for new members in that section.

Unfortunately is possible for someone to be on the list a long time. It might look like some people are skipped due to the section being full the year they were 6. For example, a parent registers there 5 year old who is expecting to join in 2018. Unfortunately, there are only 7 spaces that year and they are the 9th person on the list order by date added. For that year, their name will still be on the beaver list in case someone drops out. There name is then put on the cub waiting list so you won’t get a call until 2021 unless: a new section opens, the waiting list for 6yo is complete so beaver will look at the 7yo. again if they don’t get into cubs the same thing happens with the scout waiting list.

Ideally, we would open more sections and be able to take in lots more members but that will require adults to help out.

Most section takes in new members in September but will replace members that have left during the year.

There is no waiting list for the venture section. Please fill out the Joining form and we will get back to you