Venture Scouts recruting

As out members are slowly getting older we have vacancy for new members preferable between 15 and 16 1/2. No experance needed excepth a willingness to be invloved and be free a weekends. We meet on friday nights and idealy every second weekend.
If you are interested in joining go to our regristration page HERE
Or for more information about the venture section ONLY ring Denis @ 08780349040 after 6pm or at weekends.

Venture Scouts Program November ’15

Fri 6th – pioneering large structures 1, Creating Draft unit rules, Planing for hike
Sat 7th – Hike up Lugniquella mountain
Fri 13th – pioneering large structures 2, First Aid Hypothermia !!
Sat 14/sun 15 Venture Ball
Fri 20 pioneering large structures 2, Mountain Emergency scenarios !!
Sat 21 Shooting range
Fri 21 Cooking Competition
Sat 22 Hike – No leaders

If at any time it snows heavly we will be having an igloo camp

Scouts – Summer Camp 2015

Monday, 3rd August to Saturday, 8th August

Depart: Scout hall at 7:30am.  We should all fit in the minibus, meeting up with Greystones Scouts along the way.  We will be travelling in uniform.. Please ensure you have it.

Arrive Home: Saturday Evening

Accommodation: Connemara Mountain Hostel, Inagh Valley, Recess, Co. Galway. (Originally we were going to camp in Roundstone).

Activities: Overnight paddle and bivvy on Island, Water activities, Hiking.


What to Bring:

You should try and fit all your gear into a single rucksack.  No wheelie bags or suitcases! You may also bring a small “day bag”.

You should eat a good breakfast before we set off and bring a packed lunch for the journey.

  • Scout Uniform (Scout shirt, Gorey Necker and respectable shorts or trousers **Tracksuit or swimming shorts not acceptable**). You won’t be allowed on the bus unless you are wearing your uniform….. you have been warned 😉
  • 3 full changes of clothes
  • raingear (jacket and waterproof trousers)
  • hiking boots + thick hiking socks
  • runners
  • water shoes
  • warm fleece top
  • hat and gloves
  • swimming gear (Bring a wetsuit if you have one)
  • toothbrush, toothpaste and toiletries
  • towel  (for drying yourself with)
  • towel of the tea variety (for drying dishes with)
  • sleeping bag
  • roll mat
  • bivvy bag
  • eating utensils, bowl and mug
  • head torch
  • camera
  • water bottle
  • sense of humour (you may need to remind the leaders about this too)

What NOT to Bring:

  • Energy Drinks
  • Illegal substances.
  • Expensive electronic devices.. if it breaks you won’t be happy!

Spending Money: You should need no more than €20 for snacks, etc.

Mobile Phones: Use it to take photos and to send your parents the odd text during the week to let them know that you are ok.. otherwise, leave it in your bag and switched off.

Behaviour: You are expected to act appropriately at all times and to follow the directions of all leaders.  If you do not, you’re parents won’t be very happy driving all the way to Galway to bring you home.

Fees:  Please remember that you must have all your Subs and the camp fee paid before we leave.  We will not accept cash on the day of departure.  If you have any difficulties with this, please contact Mark.

Venture Summer camp 2015

Be at the scout hall 6pm sunday 21st .
You must arrive wearing necko and clothes suitable for starting a hillwalk in the evening so warm jacket and extra top. You must have 2 bags. 1 rucksack containing:
Rain top and rain bottoms
A full change of clothes. Remember the weather forecast if for fairly hot, quite cold, definitely rain and wind.
An extra pair or socks
Hat & gloves
Bivvy bag
Pen and paper
Maximum 1 torch
A water container. Too small and you will have to keep refilling it, too big and it will weigh to much.
Personal medication and sanitary supplies. (please put in a jacket pocket or sealed bag as there will be a gear check.
Fixed blade or locking knife

You can bring a mobile phone for emergencies but they will be turned off and in a sealed bag which you will carry at your own risk.

You cannot bring
A lighter, matches, firelighters, food or sweets.
You will be carrying this bag so make sure it is comfortable

You can have second bag containing a sleeping bag, another full change of clothes, and a change of clothes to sleep in. swimwear, towel. You will not always have access to this bag

When you leave you will be given some extra survival gear including food. On some challenges you will be on your own or at least think you are on your own in woodland, open mountains lakes and swamps. You are probably going to get wet miserable and at some point want to go home. It is up to everyone to make sure everyone pulls through. There will not be adults to fix all of your problems.
There will be someone in each group issues a GPS and shown how to use it if you get significantly lost.

We will be back thursday but the time will depend on how your last challenge goes. it could be anything between 11am and 11pm

Contact Phone numbers.
Denis Sheridan Venture Leader 0878034904
Pauline Connolly Venture Leader 085 1853098
Mobile phone signal at the campsite may be poor in which case we will turn off our mobiles and check for messages regularly. It would be better if you could text rather than call as our battery need to last 4 days. The Venture will not be able to answer call as their mobiles will be switched off except in the case of an emergency.
If you need to get through to us in an emergency and our phone not receiving call Liz Sheridan (0879074117) who will pass on the message.

You can download the consent form From HERE. The cost of the camp is 50 Euro to be payed on friday or sunday.

Bivy and Water Activity May 2015

Devil’s Glen – Bivy and Water Activity

Cost €5.

Meet at the Scout hall at 8:30pm ( hopefully we can carpool lifts ).

Pick up at Tiglin at 12pm on Saturday.

You will need to bring your own snack for Friday PM, breakfast and lunch (if you get hungry).

Gear List:

  • Bivy Bag
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Torch
  • Hat
  • Rain Gear
  • Boots
  • Change of Clothes
  • Some food and eating utensils.. bring a mug.
  • Wet suit + swim gear + Old runners
  • Towel

Location and Directions

    • Grid Reference T233 985
    • 53.022806, -6.165832
    • Take N11 to Ashford – Take first Exit at roundabout in Ashford – Take Left Turn (Glendalough) [R763] – Follow Road ~ 4.5km – Turn Right at “Tiglin” sign – Meet at gate at end of road.

Venture and Rover New Members Welcome

The venture and rover section are now both taking new members. If you want to join go to our registration page

County Skill Day – Davidstown

DATE: Sunday 8th March 2015

VENUE: Davidstown Scout Den

COST: €5 (Bring Packed Lunch)

Don’t forget Your Activities Consent Form

Each person must bring the following items: empty drink can, small bean/tuna tin and old candles for buddy burner.

This Skills Day is open to ALL SCOUTS to attend where they will take part in all the Bases from the PL/APL Skills weekend. The Bases will be run by the Youth members who take part in the Skills weekend in Carne, with Scouters there as back-up.

The idea of the Skills Day is to assist PLs/APLs in passing on their skills to their Patrols and to make sure that ideas are passed along to all Scouts in our groups.

The Event will Start at 10.00am (Could all Base leaders please meet at 9.30am to get set up. Base leaders were decided in Carne see list below) and

Finish 4.00pm.

Everyone should bring a packed lunch, warm clothes, rain gear as you will be outside for most of the day.

Bases will include backwoods, buddy burners, emergencies, navigation, pioneering, ropework.

Hope to see you all there!

Directions to Davidstown Scout Den:

From Wexford: Head towards Enniscorthy, turn left signposted Edermine, go over bridge, continue straight until T junction and turn right. Take 2nd bridge. Continue for 2 miles and turn left down to the den. (watch out for sign to indicate where to turn) left turn and go over another

From Enniscorthy: Take the Clonroche road, go past the mill on left, after 1⁄2 mile turn left to Tomnallosset, after 3⁄4 mile you’ll see Martins service station/shop on right, take the next tright. Continue until you see left turn down to the den (signposted)


New Ventures Welcome

New ventures welcome

Gorey ventures currently has 15 members (6 girls and 9 boys) and do about 20-30 activities a year. We are currently recruiting to bring our number up to 20. If you are age 15  and you want to join contact one of the members or phone 087 8034904 . (Do not use this number if you want your child to join another section)

If you are a parent and you want your child to join there is no use in sending them unless they want to go themselves. Ventures is also not suitable for those who have lots on at the weekends as that is when the main  activities are on.

The amount of supervision in ventures is limited to what is needed. There will be hikes and camps without adult leaders but that depends on the activity and the member going.

SCOUTS: Hike / Hostel Lough Dan 8th November 2014

Meet at the Scout Hall at 9am Saturday.  Driving to Sally Gap [O 136 087] [53.1165742, -6.3047338], where we shall be starting our hike to Lough Dan Scout Centre.

Lifts to and from this will be required.

Pick up: Lough Dan Scout Centre [O 157 022] [53.057946, -6.275375] at 12pm on Sunday.

Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday will be provided.

Cost: €15 (€7 for hostel and €8 food)


  • Hiking Boots
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Hat and Gloves
  • Torch
  • Bivy Bag
  • Packed Lunch
  • 1-2 litre bottle of water


  • Sleeping bag
  • Change of clothes
  • Swimming Gear (If you’re brave)
  • Towel
  • Bowl, Mug and Eating gear


  • Ensure your hostel gear is well wrapped up in large plastic bags within your rucksack.
  • Everything must be packed inside your rucksack.
  • Ensure your bag is well packed and not too heavy.

Overnight Bivy – Saturday 18th October 2014

What to bring:

Sleeping Bag
Bivy Bag
Ground mat

Rain gear

Mess tin + eating utensil
Something to cook for supper
Something for breakfast